About The Project

The world is passing through an extremely troubled period in its history, with a seemingly new challenge encountered at every turn. Serious economic, social, cultural, environmental and political crises at a global level are exacerbated by those being felt in individual countries. The challenges we are facing take a variety of forms, from financial collapses to climate change, from international terrorism to regional conflicts, and from the refugee problem to xenophobia.

All of these crises are being aggravated by the impact of the pandemic, revealing the inability of humanity to tackle them collectively, and invalidating the romantic discourse of globalization. As history continues its march, we are reminded that the answer to the common problems of humanity cannot be found by becoming more introverted, polarized or prejudiced. No matter how severe our problems, our destiny should not be seen as unchangeable. The problems we experience are primarily a result of human activity, and can be overcome only through human effort, but we should remain aware that there are many different hurdles to be passed if we are to rid ourselves of the crises being experienced in many parts of the world.

Only through conscious, patient and collective effort can we overcome the problems of humanity. Now is the time for dignified people from the different cultures and geographies of the world to come together in solidarity. It is time to speak with full respect of human dignity, setting aside the importance we place in our individual identities. An alliance of people who see truth and justice as the major pillars of our kind, will be able to open the door to a new era of solidarity for humanity. A dignified future is possible. We believe that Turkey holds a special, if not privileged, position, based on its geographical, historical and cultural characteristics, and can serve as a host to this joint effort of humanity.

Our goal within the scope of this project is to bring together the leading thinkers of the world, to create an international intellectual platform that draws its strength from human dignity, and that aims to build for the future of humanity and the planet with a holistic synergy with a view to offering humanity a common horizon. As Cappadocia University, our vision in this regard is to provide an academic platform from where esteemed intellectuals from around the world can share their visions for a common future of humanity and our planet, and to comment on the challenges and opportunities they envisage.


During the seminars, it is aimed to help in the creation of a common horizon for humanity and the planet based on the experiences and accumulated knowledge/visions of our esteemed guests. Our intention in this regard is to discuss the form a collective vision for the 21st century should take for humanity and the planet. The seminars will be held online, organized by Cappadocia University, and will be broadcasted simultaneously on the Cappadocia University YouTube channel, with Turkish and English subtitles added the live broadcast. These events will be part of a seminar course on Planet-Humanity and the Future being run at Cappadocia University at graduate level. Students who take the course will be able to follow up on the YouTube posts with pre-readings and will be able to ask questions.

The seminars will last for 90 minutes, with 40–50 minutes set aside for presentations/conversations, followed by a question-answer session. Policy papers will be prepared after the seminar based on the presentations of the speakers, and Cappadocia University will publish these in English, Turkish and Arabic. Upon the completion of the program, an edited book will be prepared for the further dissemination of the program, published by Cappadocia University in Turkish, English and Arabic, and delivered to the leading university libraries.

About Team


The Social and Strategic Studies Center was established on November 21, 2018 to contribute to the studies, researches and other activities of Cappadocia University, especially the Department of Political Science and International Relations, the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, and all other departments dealing with social issues.

The Center conducts research that contributes to the determination of the country’s strategic priorities in areas such as foreign policy, security, economy, tourism, foreign trade, industry and agriculture, and offers long-term policy recommendations in the related areas. The center also identifies the main social, economic, demographic, cultural, educational and gender problems encountered in the Cappadocia region with a view to launching projects to resolve these problems and carrying out field studies.

The Center organizes academic meetings on the issues listed here, and shares its results with the public via various platforms, especially periodicals and books.

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